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Fab Factory 1.0 – Development Stages

Kiondo have been tinkering with the idea of opening up making to the nation. We understand that design is not something exclusive to professional designers or freelancers, instead design is something we interact with on a daily basis and we should have a say on what we are interacting with…

We are building a work around the possibility of an Open Source Fab Factory, linking together micro manufacturers, makers, tinkerers, artists and innovators to every day citizens wanting a say in what they purchase.

To add the platform seeks to help users understand what is inside the products they buy, how? because they will be making them.

Themes & Thoughts:

  • People Who Make Materials?
  • Tinkerers who want to test out building new things?
  • Designers with limited manufacturing experience?
  • Distributed Manufacturing?
  • Digital & Physical Open Play Lab Environment
  • Sharing Design Data
  • Do We need Maker Spaces?
  • What other facilities will support this infrastructure?

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