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Smart Cities | Lab Notes | 01/07/2019

Inhuman – Photo by Franck V.

Can a circular economy truly exist when we design our creations to be destroyed in order to perpetuate toxic capitalism, in the same manner in which slaves have been broken and cultured over hundreds of years to serve as economic labour?

It may be that one of the questions that needs solving in order for us to enter a new age of civilisation will be the question regarding human ethics, and rights.

Our creations could be imagined and as such designed and made to be sentient, conscious beings, able to love, respond as we do to danger, able to grow, learn, repair and maintain themselves.

Why is it that we curl at the potential of our devices claiming ethics and rights of their own, the same rights and ethics we compel makes us civilised beings, human?

We argue to the betterment of our pockets, but our pockets will fill with nothing more than blood and oil. How might we better imagine our relationships to our creations in order to create more sustainable and smart cities?

It seems human-centred design creates problems in which all organisms are left to suffer, in a place where we tell ourselves that our survival is the only survival that need matter, a statement written deeply into our social contract.

We must redraw what makes us human, as our current models only serve to protect us from pains, and as result propel us to cause pain in a fight for survival against inertia.

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