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Phot-R 2.4m Air Cushioned Light Stand is a great all round accessory to have in your studio, it’s a heavy duty, robust stand, which can support the majority of studio equipment such as strobes, softboxes & video lights. The stands are finished in black to prevent any unwanted reflections.

✤Air Cushioned
Special System which prevents sudden drops which could damage your equipment if you forget to tighten a section.

✤Heavy Duty
Load capacity of 5kg, this light stand can hold any of your equipment safely thanks to its wide footprint of 94cm and sturdy construction.

Maximum height of 2.4m and a folded length of 87cm makes it very compact for its capabilities; an all-round excellent stand to use around the studio.

✤Perfect for the Studio
Mount multiple different accessories on this stand, which makes it a very useful companion in your studio, thanks to the 5/8” Spigot and ¼” thread.

✤Carry Case
Case features a shoulder strap for easy storage and transportation. It also protects the stands against damage.

Brand: Phot-R
Type: Air Cushioned
Model: P-ALS240ABx4
Max. Supported Load: 5kg
Max. Extension: 2.4m
Features: Air Cushioned
Attachment: 5/8” Spigot with ¼” Thread
Maximum Height:240cm
Minimum Height:100cm
Folded Height:87cm
Footprint Diameter:94cm
Maximum Load Capacity: 5kg
Attachment Type: 5/8” Spigot with ¼” Thread
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
. Package Contents: 4x 2.4m Light Stands
Warranty: 1 Year

Additional information

Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 2400 mm


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