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Smart Cities | Lab Notes | 01/07/2019

Can a circular economy truly exist when we design our creations to be destroyed in order to perpetuate toxic capitalism, in the same manner in which slaves have been broken and cultured over hundreds of years to serve as economic labour? It may be that one of the questions that needs solving in order for…

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#CanWe: Build ‘The Loom’? | Sunday 3rd February 2019

  Last Sunday, 3rd February 2019 marked the first of a series of events inviting everyday people to find home in expressing and exploring their passions to create better places to live within their cities; this time Birmingham, UK. This 3 hour meet-up wove together various artists, designers, makers and visionary citizens into a single space in…

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Finding Dudley 1.0 – Experiment History

Finding Dudley is an experiment which emerged in mid April 2018 as a result of Andre and Lisa’s curiosity to explore the town of Dudley, sparked by spending time in gather, doing their Teardown Labs  . This evolving from Andre & Lisa’s experience in architecture & place making, met with conversations with the Lab team,…

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